Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quilted Angel: Petaluma, California

I can't believe it has been over two weeks since my last post, but with work and travel, my time has been short.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you two quilt shops I visited while in the North Bay area of California.

Let's start with the Quilted Angel in Pelatuma, Ca. 

 Boy, I sure wish they would pick up this entire shop and move it to Westchester County, NY.  We lost one shop last year and are loosing the other at the end of the summer.  The Quilted Angel is perfect.  They have tons of everything, but what dropped my jaw was the thread!

Aurfil, mostly 50 weight cottons, as well as some 28 wt and some wools,,,, yummy....

Superior of all types....  King Tut, Razzle Dazzle, Rainbow, Masterpiece, Sew Fine, etc....  I was in heaven..

You will note that at the bottom of this rack with the Superior Thread, that they also carry some YLI Silks.  That's right, in quite a wide range of colors....  and no this is not all the thread, they had more racks than I got on camera.

I quess it is only fitting, because not only do they carry silk thread, but they also carry silk batting (which I just had to buy to try) and a delicious array of a silk/cotton blend fabric.

They also carried wool, cotton, and polyester batting.  And you could buy it pre-packaged or off the roll.  And if you need a ruler, believe me they had it.  I have never seem so many types of rulers.  But as I said, they had just about everything in this shop. 

As you can see...  I just had to bring some of it all home..    Oh yeah, I needed something to read on the plane, so I also brought a machine quilting book.  Too bad I had to leave Friday morning, because the weekend they were having a local sale --  all the shops were offering 20% off yardage.  Gee wiz....  just my luck!

Oh boy, oh boy...  got to finish my 15 month UFO so I can play with those silks.

Oh yeah, the folks at the shop were great...  real friendly.  And you could tell that the locals just hang out there.  When I entered there were a few ladies just chatting away about the local school system.  In the back, they have a kids area, with a TV and video games and toys and such to keep the young ones occupied as their Moms shopped or chatted.

I'll share the other shops with you next time.



marie said...

I love a quilt shop that carries a wide variety of thread! I wish more of them did it.

Karen said...

Isn't the Quilted Angel wonderful? I live in Santa Rosa and have been there many times. However, it's located in Petaluma, not Novato (the next city south of Petaluma). Did you get to tour the wine country? Hopefully you had good weather while you were visiting. It's been abnormally rainy and cool for this time of the year. My sister lives in Poughkeepsie and I miss that part of NY.