Thursday, October 25, 2012

He Loved the Monster!

Yes, I shared with you the piece I was quilting at the request of a friend for her friend.  Yes, it was months  I have never worked on one piece for so long.  Yes, it was on and off, yes, I was out of town quite a bit and yes, my machine was in the shop for 5 weeks.  But 6 months...  that's a long time!

Well I am happy to announce that he picked it up last week, and LOVED IT!!  I must say it did come out quite nice..

Here it is laid out on the table.  It is quite large 130"x130", so only part of it fits on the table.

Here is a close up of one of the centers...

The gentlemen who was giving the guilt as a wedding present, asked me to quilt the names and date from the invitation into one of the rings.  The date is based on the Jewish calendar :-).
I am sooo happy he loved it, but even happier that it is done :-).


Monday, October 1, 2012

Country Quilters Retreat, Fall 2012

Had a wonderful time this weekend at the Fall 2012 CQQ Retreat!  Unfortunately, I left my camera home and my phone went on the blitz, so no pictures :-(.

I used the weekend to progress a couple of pieces and while I didn't get anything 100% finished, I made a lot of progress  :-). But as always, I spent Friday night creating an original piece.   It was not what I had in mind at the outset and while ok...not really something I really like   Oh well, every piece is a learning experience. :-).

 53 quilting ladies, good food and laughter over 2 1/2 days.... Ahhh heaven!