Monday, April 9, 2012

Paper Piecing with Pelham Quilters

In February, I had the pleasure of teaching paper piecing to some of my fellow Pelham Quilters.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful community room to use with lots of light, thanks to Doris Green!

Here are some pics of the ladies working on their NY Beauty arcs....

Lorraine is always so intense as she works on her pieces... 

Here are Nancy and Anne.  Neither of them have ever paper pieced before, but they sure did catch the hang of it...        Nancy even tried out a new mini iron.  She said she loved the portability of it and how crisp it made her seams.

Anne really picked up the concept of how to match your fabrics to the lines while going around the curve.  It is a hard concept for some, but she got the swing of it pretty quickly!
Joanne and Millie, both had experience in paper piecing.  I think they both took the class to make me feel good :-)...

You can't tell from this shot, but even though Joanne was late (she had to run back home to get her foot pedal), she got 2 NY Beauty blocks completed.  Maybe I should call her speedy gonzalez :-). 

Mille was also pretty speedy.  She is here working on her second block.  As always she is heads down as she works.

Don't know how I missed getting Paula's photo.  I clearly remember taking the shot, as Paula was having a hard time with the whole concept of lining up the fabric around the curve and sewing through the paper.  I so wanted to show her completed arc!!!  Sorry Paula :-(.

I really enjoy teaching new techniques to my friends.  We have discussed a couple ideas for next year.  I will have to see how that turns out :-).