Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Which Path Will You Take" is finished!

So you have seen the original beginning from my QBL adventure in July 2012, but it is finally finished.  And as I talked about the gallery exhibit opening this week, I showed additional pictures.  So now I thought I would show you the finished product.

Hope you enjoy...

There were six different green fabrics in the center of this piece and each different green had it's own fill pattern.

 I wanted to make sure I had some type of continuity, so in each of the swirly-ques in the green fabrics, I filled the centers with little bubbles..  which made me really HAPPY!
As with alot of my recent pieces I have added trapunto to give just a little bit more of interest..

The border fabric, was a different green fabric and it had its own design.  I also didn't want a straight border, so I added the curves from the center piece, since the whole spirit of the piece is that our lives usually don't take a straight path as we travel on our journey.   So you will see curvy quilting in the border and a curved edge to the piece.

The inner border plays off of the center design, with both straight and curly quilting, again to lend focus to the spirit of the piece.  Remember, the choice is always yours in life.  No one says you have to take the straight path to your dreams.

Another one of the things I like in this piece is the double piping before the binding.  I just love the added touch of detail!

 So here is the finished quilt....  no top or bottom border, because our journey should never have a defined start and stop....

This piece is quilted totally with Superior Magnifico: Congo Lime and White; and Superior BottomLine Majenta (yes, I used BottomLine in the top for the pink, because it was a perfect match).

Hope you enjoyed!  It took awhile to get it finished, but I am glad I did. 

A special thanks to Philippa Naylor who gave me the courage to start this technique in QBL 2012 :-)...