Friday, September 16, 2011

A new toy!

So while traveling this week on business a co-worker turned me on to note taking applications for my iPad. She uses Bamboo Paper. So I came home and tried them out. While I liked Bamboo Paper, I decided on Penultimate. Penultimate allows you to have multiple notebooks. So right away I created one for doodles and one for sketching new quilt ideas. It is so much fun! Using my finger I have been able to quickly create two pages of doodles and just now, two quilts that i had floating around in my mind. Penultimate let's you choose the width of the pen stroke, as well as one of five colors (black, grey, blue, green and red). This is going to be dangerous. The app let's you export the pages to PDF files, so I will try exporting my doodles and post soon. I love that you can also grab photos out of your photo library and draw on them. Can't wait to try that. Can you imagine I can take a picture of a finished top, import it and then try out quilting designs. Oh yeah..... I think I found me new best friend :-).