Monday, July 29, 2013

Quilt Odyssey 2013, Hershey, Pa

I went to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA this weekend.  My quilt, In the Spotlight, was juried in. :-)

Had a wonderful time and ran into good friend, Teri Lucas, and my FB friend McLisa Tangerine Starfish Snipes.  I love Lisa's work, but have never met her in person.  She is a fantastic quilter.  If you have never seen her work, check her out.

Both my husband and I were wowed by the special exhibit of Sharon Schamber's quilts.  Sharon is a Master Quilter.  I have heard her speak before at Empire Quilters, but this was the first time that she has shown a collection of her work, actually hanging together.  If you haven't had the pleasure of checking out her work, take a look here

Once moving into the actual show, it was a feast for the eyes.  Although, I forgot that it was as small as it was.  Don't know why I thought there were more quilts in previous years, maybe because there were so many large quilts this year.  Once again, my commentary that the vendor room was almost twice as large as the quilts and had better lighting :-(.  I go to these shows to see the quilts, I try to only buy things that I can't get at my LQS's, like Superior and Aurifil threads in large cones/spools.  I prefer to shop at LQS's to help support the LQS, who are getting undercut by the large stores and will one day be forced out of business.  Anyway...  I did enjoy the show.  Just wish there were more quilts.

Here are some of the quilts that caught my fancy...

Lorilynn King's A Pocket Full of Paisley's, which won First Place in Wall Quilt Category.  This piece really wowed me, especially since I am making a paisley quilt now myself.  She digitized all the paisley's on her embroidery machine and then appliqued them on top of the pieced/quilted background.

Mary Kay Price's All that Jazz.....

Missed grabbing the quilt maker's name on this piece that took Best Pictorial Quilt..

Melissa Sobotka's Chihuly's Gondola...  The colors are stunning!

Barbara Persing's Magnolia....  the color's here are muted. but so striking.  The magnolia and brown background are painted/shaded on white fabric and then the various commercial prints are pieced.  Since I have been thinking about playing with paints, this piece really spoke to me as it has a great balance.

I was so enthralled with this Mallard, that I don't know how I missed taking a shot of the signage, missing the quilters name and the name of the piece.  My sincere apologies, but it is stunning!  Her threadwork to highlight the head, using a thread with just enough sheen to make it catch the light is amazing!  I also love the way she quilted the water.  It really looks like the ripples are moving as you look at it.

My girlfriend, Donna Chambers, also had a quilt juried in...  Mermaid Mariah & Her Circle of Souls.  This piece gives homage to the African-American folk legend that a black mermaid traveled along side of the slave ships.  Her job was to save the souls of the dead slaves thrown over board in the middle passage during the slave trade period. She is said to have plenty of hair, which Donna shows flowing wildly as she cleanses herself in the bathtub.  The souls that she has saved are always on her mind and are represented in a circle surrounding her.

(If you follow my blog, you would have seen Donna's piece in previous posts about the African American Mermaid gallery exhibit in Charleston, South Carolina that Donna and I both had pieces in.)

Mary Jo Tatum's Noel....

Nancy S Brown's Penguins 

Lisa Calle's Red Velvet

The quilting in this piece is amazing as well!

Bethany Nemesh's The Shell Collector, is done all in Dupioni Silk (I love dupioni :-)) 

Sunset on Cayuga was pieced by Cathy Rice Messenger and quilted by Mandy Hares Applebee of Yellow House Quilts.  My shot of the full quilt was too blurry.  But here is a close up....

The amount of detail quilting in this piece is mind boggling.  You really need to check out Yellow House Quilts on Facebook to get a better feel of the amount of work that went into this piece!  Just look for an album called Sunset on Cayuga.

Another quilt that I a) didn't catch the name or the quilter's name (sorry) and b) the picture of the quilt is too blurry.  But here is a close-up.  I just love, love, love the quilting!

 Hope you enjoyed the virtual show.  As you can see I am really drawn the art quilts and detailed quilting, so I apologize to those fantastic quilters who had work in the show and are not pictured here.



lsquared said...

Hi Renee, thank you for posting pictures of my paisley quilt! I'm so glad you liked it!

Lorilynn King

Renee said...

Liked it! OMG Lorilynn, I LOVED IT!!!! My husband and I kept going back to it. There is so much detail, not only in the paisley's, but in the background folks kept saying "is that background pieced?" the fabric choices were spot on! I have a Bernina 830 and I think you are now my inspiration to learning how to use the embroidery unit. I wish you lived close by :-).

Unknown said...

It was exciting to see Sunset on Cayuga here. Thank you. I readily admit that the only reason it has been juried into several shows (and a ribbon at MQX East) is because of Mandy's amazing quilting. When I did my part and Mandy started hers, it was intended for the wall of my remodeled kitchen but when she got going, it was obviously destined for something more. This is a young woman who is just starting out on her climb to the top of the longarm quilting world. She bears watching.

Cathy Messenger