Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strips Finished!

Ok, I haven't figured out a name for this one yet... my DH says I should call it LOUD, because it is very bright :-). But whatever I end up calling it, it is done... all except the label.

I used Superiors Metallic Variegated Silver (#31) on top and Bottomline in the bobbin. This was the first Metallic thread I have ever used that didn't break once and I did quite a bit of free motion quilting in this piece!

I decided that I would experiment with the Metallic thread since this was only a play piece to use up scraps. I like it alot.

I even used Melody Johnson's "Escape Hatch Method" on the piece. It is a modified pillow-case method, where you put a slit in the top section of the backing, lay it right sides together with the quilt top (batting is pasted to the quilt top) and turn the piece right-side out thru the slit or 'hatch'. After pressing to ensure that the back would not roll over and show on the front, I stitched along the outer edge to simulate a binding. After the quilting is all done the sleeve is sewn on right over the hatch and hidden away.

It worked wonderful... Thanks Melody!


Marianne Bos said...


I loved the quilt and the bright colours. Happy new year!

Exuberant Color said...

do you think the metallic behaved because you had Bottom Line in the bobbin? I have heard that the metallic catching on a cotton thread is a problem. Maybe the thin poly thread just slipped along with it. I'll have to try that combination.

I like your quilt but naming them is where I always get hung up so I can't help you there.

Renee said...

Wanda.. yes I do believe it is the bottomline thread. It is th recommended thread by Superior for their metallic thread, and I adjusted the top tension as they suggested. It was a joy to quilt!