Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not sure if I like the sun and sky (New Challenge Post #4)

Ok, I was so inspired after my mini group left Monday, that I had to get right to work on moving this piece from paper to fabric. Last night I created the floor. I love the fabric choices. It really does have the slate/marble look.

Tonight I played with the sun and sky. I say played, because I made two of them and I am not sure I like either. This one is the best, but I don't think that by bringing the sun fabric up into the sky, to create that morning sky effect, that there is truly enough contrast once the two fabrics are woven.

I am going to have to sleep on this for the night. Maybe tomorrow night I will make one with the sun, but with a true blue woven into the blue/pink/orange stripe for the sky.

Well I know this piece would be a challenge, so I will take it slow and easy and see where it takes me. Remember from the sketch that the appliqued ladies will be standing in front of the sky, so maybe I won't be able to decide on the right sky, until I decide on how they will be dressed. Oh, that is what makes this so fun and adventurous!



terificreations said...

from that orange & pink fabric re focus the sun...there were some brighter spots in the piece and maybe make the sun piece just a bit smaller. the perspective is awesome. How would the deeper blue look?


Marianne Bos said...

Hi Renee

I just love the woven quilt. I have the book and have been too scared to start. I cant wait to see how your quilt develops as the sketch looks great!
Maybe I will be inspired to actually get the fabric out and just go for it!