Friday, January 9, 2009

New Challenge.. Post #2

Spurred on by Teri's comments, I now have two sketches as starting points. Not sure if I will end up with either, once I go to the class, or maybe I will modify them once the juices start flowing, but either way, it is a start.

With this one, the thought was to incorporate curves and angles, along with color gradations. The theme of the piece would be no matter where in the world we come from Hats are a common thread amongst the diverse cultures... in many cultures or periods in time, you weren't dressed without your hat. (Sorry the pictures aren't very clear.) The colors in the globe are blue and green. I would need to find the right yellow and orange dyed fabric to make this work as drawn.

In the second sketch, my love of circles and stars come out. I don't have a theme for this piece, but I do love stars and circles, so it was a way to incorporate both in one piece. I am struggling though on how to add a dimensional aspect, making the stars seem further back in the piece. The woven background in this piece would be dark blue and purple, with bright colored stars and circles. I want the stars to seem further away then the circles, without having to lose the bright colors. Not sure how to accomplish that, but hopefully we will discuss that in the workshop.

I'll let you know how things go after the session tomorrow.


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