Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I just had to try it!

OK, last night Teri made those swirling feathers look so easy that I had to try it! Well, while mine aren't as smooth as Teri's or as close together... it definitely is easier than it looks and this is without my normal pencil to the paper first. Here take a look, Teri's is on the left and mine is on the right....

Then I had to try my hand at the regular feathers that she has mastered, and while I had swore I could never do these freehand, without any markings, well I did one! A little bit of practice and I may just have to start incorporating these into my bag of quilting designs!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks wonderful...both the swirling feathers and the regular feathers. I like how your swirlers are a little more open on the going to the right and you can dip in a bit more.


Mary Anne said...

I love it. It's just like handwritting - we all have our own style of the same letters. Keep up the GREAT work. Can't wait to see how you incorporate these into your quilting!