Saturday, January 24, 2009

Salon Seven Exhibit

I had the pleasure of going to the Salon Seven Exhibit: Stitching It Together, Contemporary Art Quilts this past week at the New Rochelle Public Library. I love the majestic quilts this group always have on display. They are a group of art quilters from the Westchester County, NY / Southern Connecticut area. Anyway, here are a few from the show....

This one is from Jeri Riggs called "Gated Community". Jeri works in alot of bright colors, just like me, so she is one of the quilters whose works I like a lot. This piece doesn't have the bright colors, but I still love it. Upon closer inspection it appears that she created the gate from bias strips. The background is all pieced from various fabrics. Really stunning up close.

This piece is by Elizabeth Rosenberg. Another of my favorite quilters. The piece is entitled: "Flowing Line 1: Chocolate and Turquois". Elizabeth uses various techniques to create a truly stunning piece. I like the way the colors flow from one fabric to another. I got my love of applique from Elizabeth about 8 years ago when she was teaching at The County Quilter.

I thought this was an interesting piece. I don't really know the artist, but thought I would share it anyway.

Hope you have a chance to see the exhibit. If not, hope you enjoy the photos here.

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