Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Challenge - Post #3

Ok, so none of the previous sketches (post #2) made the cut. Instead I am going with this one:

Tonight at my mini group gathering. Sandra Parrott helped me fix the arch from a visual perspective and gave me some ideas on fabric choices for the sky, considering the design is that of a rising sun. Sandra, Ann and Giovanna are very good with perspective, etc.... from an artist point of view and helped me think of how I wanted the various aspects of the piece to work in relation to the other.... for example the stone wall receding from the scene of the two women, standing in front of the rising sun and the rays of the sun and it's affect on the color of the morning sky. Me, I am just a struggling crafter turned quilter, trying to move into art quilting. So tonight was extremely valuable in more ways than one.

Thanks ladies, now I am all fired up and ready to begin actually working on the piece vs scribbling on paper :-)!

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