Thursday, December 4, 2008

Xmas present #2: Royalty (I will have to think or a better name)

So my family continues to ask when they are getting another one of my quilts. I was asked this over and over Thanksgiving evening. Yes, it makes me feel good, especially that folks value my handmade gifts... but of course I want it to be a surprise, so someone else besides my SIL will be getting a present from the studio this year.

It all started with this sketch, inspired by a sculpture I saw in
Phili at a gallery and then a photo on the web of a different African woman. Well of course, not this sketch, but here's the sketch after a few changes and some colored pencils. I will have to call the gallery to get the name of the artist and find my bookmark of the photo to give credit on the label... (memo to self).

But I just loved the hair, it is what caught my eye. The rest is just window dressing. One must have confidence to walk around with braids all over the place. It is a confidence I think many of us lack. Anyway, back to the quilt. So off I went to Kinko/Fedex with my sketch and after blowing it up to 24"x36", I had my pattern.

I spent last night digging out the right fabrics from the stash, and tracing all the fusable web pieces and ironing them on to the fabric.

Tonight I put it all together.... giving me this:

It is all fused together and ironed on the background. The next couple of days I will spend appliqueing it on by machine. I think this piece warrants satin stitching vs a zig-zag, so it will take a while. I can't wait until I get to the accents. I think I am going to add small off-white feathers around the neck to add some flare to her garment, and maybe some jewels hanging from the gold underlayment. Hmpphhh... this is the part I love. How to make it special....

Well definitely something to sleep on.

Good-night all.....


Marianne Bos said...

Hi Renee
I loved you african lady - and it's nice to meet a fellow fuser. I also liked the woven quilt. I have just bought this book and seeing your quilt is just the inspiration I need to give it a go. Did you use fabrics that changed colour or did you strip piece them first?

terificreations said...

I knew you must have been working on something spectacular and I was right. These are both beautiful pieces.


Renee said...

Hi Marianne, great to make your acquaintance as well! On the weaved piece I used a graduated fabric for the vertical strips and a striped fabric for the horizontal strips. As you can probably see the stripes ran horizontally, so my cuts were made across the stripes.

I will have to keep my eyes out for your piece! So get busy :-)