Monday, December 8, 2008

Progress Report

So, I have made progress on both of my Xmas presents. My nieces have come through on the remaining photos for Generation Patchwork. I have the last four 4 photos printed and two of them framed. Two more to go and then hopefully by Saturday, I will have the background done. Now that I have the photos, I can figure out the right size.

Royalty (or maybe Sophisticated Mama or Lady Attitudinal, or.... yes, names are floating around in my head) is all appliqued. I forgot how much I dislike doing the satin stitch on circles. I can never get the satin stitch perfectly circular, at the right angle on small circles. But otherwise, I really like the progress. I also brought some yarns, ribbon and beads for embellishments this weekend at the Country Quilter Holiday Sale (a pack of yarns, threads and beads for only $5 in all the right colors... just what the doctor ordered).

So I think I am in good shape... make the background for the patchwork piece and then quilt both pieces and I still have 17 days left. I will make it... I HOPE :-)

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terificreations said...

OHHHHHHHHHH I can hardly wait to see these...