Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm still here...

Ok, so I keep getting asked... no new blogging lately. Sorry... life just seemed to get in the way. First we spent two weekend's painting the dining and living room. It is bad enough that the living room has lots of trim, including three french doors that need painting, but my husband got the walls 90% done when I realized something was wrong with the color. It didn't really match the dining room, or the 1/2 living room wall that was done with the first gallon of paint. The numbers on the can matched, but the paint was definitely a different color. So back to the paint store I went only to find that they used the wrong base on one of the gallons, of course that is the one my husband had used. Boy was he upset that he had to paint the room again!

Then the kids came home for Thanksgiving break. It was great having them home, so I couldn't just sit on the computer... I did slip in some quilting time... well what's a mother to do??? And of course I had 15 for Thanksgiving dinner, so all the prep and left-over's... and then saying goodbye to the kids... whew, exhausting.

Anyway... I have managed to get some quilting done. I will post pictures in a bit.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!


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