Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting there... but just how to finish it???

Ok, so I really like Xmas present #2. It is my 'royalty' or 'sophisticated mama' or '????" quilt I am making as a present. As I mentioned yesterday the sandwhich is done (I use 505 basting spray), so tonight I started the quilting. I am just about done with the outline quilting. All the interior sections are done and I just have to outline the hair of my mama.

Take a look....

So, now the question, how do I quilt it? I know I am going to do an all over pattern on the beige marbled background. But I want the eye to be drawn to the applique. I always love the wonderful detail quilting some of the art quilters do on bodies..... you can just see the muscles move, just looking at it.... you know which way they are leaning, and their body tells a story.

I want to create that same story with my piece. But how do I begin? I can chicken out and just quilt the garment, but I don't want to do that. Suggestions or tips anyone? Can you point me to a piece for inspiration?

Please!!!! I am begging for help. I want this to more than just a nice picture, I just need the guiding hand on how to make it so.

Now, click on 'Post a Comment' and share the love.... PLEASEEEEEE Just 10 days left to Xmas!!

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Anonymous said...

how about some African design elements & motifs? and some back ground quilting?