Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are you listed??

I noticed a recent spike in visitors to my blog, and when I took a good look at where they were coming from, I found out why.

A few weeks ago, I added my blog's url to two sites: and Now whenever I add a new post on my site, it gets posted on The result, whenever someone visits they see my post and by clicking on my blog name they are brought to my page. If they click on the label on my post, they get to see all of my posts that have the same label. If they go to they see a long list of quilt blogs, that they can click on and are brought right to the blog.

How cool is that!

I had listed my blog on these two sites, but never really spent time going thru them, until last night. There are some amazing quilters out there!

Take a look (I've added a link from my blog listings)... and if you aren't list, add your blog to both sites. It is really cool.

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