Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Flowing Lines Piece

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that the Pelham Quilter's were lucky enough to have Elizabeth Rosenberg teach a workshop on her Flowing Lines technique.  We had a blast and many have finished the work they started.

Well I am 99% done, just have to face the piece, but Teri and Elizabeth have been pushing for pics, so I thought I would share with you as well.

 As you can see, I added a boarder to the piece.  I've been dying to play with a paisley design I had been sketching.  I love these swirls, but as you may have read from an earlier post, they gave me quite a fit.  But, I really love them.  I echo quilted them and will definitely be doing more with paisley! 

Here is a close up of the quilting.  At first I tried just quilting lines along the curves of the seams.  I tried two different variegated threads.  But neither the quilting nor the thread really spoke to me.  So, I pulled it out --- twice and  went with a different thread for each fabric (matching thread color to the fabric).  I then quilted the same free motion pattern in each same colored section.....  feathers in the orange, swirls in the magenta, etc....

I like the varied quilting.  It adds to the texture of the piece.

I had fun...  and I definitely like the curved flowing lines.

Thanks Elizabeth!


terificreations said...

Oh Renee! It's gorgeous. Love the quilting and the paisley pieces. What an interesting touch to this piece.


Renee said...

Thanks Teri... it was fun doing something just to learn and play.

Elizabeth Rosenberg said...

Oh my goodness! Renee, you have added your own personal touch, and it is beautiful! I love what the paisley designs do for the piece, and I think that the quilting designs you chose to use are perfect. Congratulations on really making the piece your own. It is gorgeous!

Much love (and pride!)