Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am now ready to tackle a 15 month old UFO

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember some posts focused on 'decisions'.  It was one of my design it myself pieces, I started back in Spetember of 2008.  I got as far as this...

I fused all my scrolls on, then started appliqueing them and stopped.  Why?  Well I am sure I had a bunch of reasons back then, that sounded good...  hahaha.....  But 15 months in a drawer, let's be real....  ughhhh....Oh, I loved the fabrics and colors, so it wasn't that it wasn't speaking to me anymore.  No, it was fear!!!!

That's right, I said it!  I was afraid of the piece.  I saw this really wonderful top, that was calling for wonderful quilting and I just knew that I wasn't up for the task.  At least not at a place mentally that I 'thought' I could do a decent job quilting it.  All those open spaces....  I couldn't just do free motion meandering...  what a waste of a pretty piece that would be!

But now ....  I think I am ready.  15 months of practicing and I think I am up to the challenge!

Now one more DECISION...  what to quilt...  feathers....  more scrolls....  do I do some trapunto???


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