Saturday, February 13, 2010

Improvisational Flowing Line Workshop

It has been a long time since I posted.  Almost a month, that is very long for me.  But once again life has kept me going in multiple directions.  The good news is I have been quilting.  I will catch you up later, but for now wanted to share the fun I had today!

One of my favorite people in the quilting world, the person who expanded my quilting from patterns, squares and triangles, to applique, bright colors, batiks and finding my own quilting voice has recently added a new workshop to her list of lectures and workshops. Today, along with 6 other Pelham Quilter's, I had a ball in Elizabeth Rosenberg's "Improvisational Flowing Line Workshop".

No patterns, no rulers, just a mat, rotary cutter, some fabrics that read 'almost' solid, your machine and a willingness to think soft curves and your in.

Lorraine, our guild President, was one of the first to embrace the mantra...
It was great to see her smiling so.  She really got into the swing of graceful sweeping curves, no pins...  Just go for it Lorraine!

As usual, Cheryl got down and dirty.  She is a speed sewer.  Cheryl quickly decided to cut her strips early and then get to sewing.  Here you can see Cheryl and Elizabeth discussing placement of her fabrics...

Cheryl decided she was going to make a tote bag.  During our lunch break, you can see one side hanging over her machine and her work on the other side laying down on the table.  Hmphhh...  what to do next?

Millie was also a busy beaver.  She was quick to decide to combine the flowing lines with traditional patchwork cut in.
 I love Millie's colors.  Purple, turquoise and lime green....  yum!  Just look at those lovely pinks in the background.

Here is Elizabeth with the sample for the workshop.    Just got to love her work.  Stop on over to Elizabeth's website / blog and see some of her other pieces.  I just love these.  Take a look at the second one...  omg...  it is to die for!

Ok, here's a picture of the group....  interesting how each piece is so different...  different colors, different curves, totally different vibes.  I really like the yellow slanted inserts in Cheryl's piece.  I think I will have to add that in mine as I complete it.  Thanks Cheryl!

Isn't it great getting a chance to spend a day with friends, doing something you just love!!  Oh yeah, thanks Lorraine for the cake, brownies and other goodies.  I think I am going to go have a slice of your banana cake now with a cold glass of milk.

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Elizabeth Rosenberg said...

Hi Renee! Thank you soooo much for your kind words. You were, are and always will be one of my very favorite students ever. It makes me so happy to have been a part of your quilting education!!!!

What a fun workshop we had on Saturday! I've blogged about our very fun day on my blog, too -- come on over and take a look! Thank you!!!!!