Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dublin, Ireland

On the road and once again very much surprised at the lack of quilt shops in major European cities...  As you know I travel a bit for business and am always looking for a quilt shop to visit.  But as in London, Paris, Milan and Geneva, Dublin is another major city with no quilt / patchwork shop in the downtown area.  Why is that?  

In Paris at least I can head out to Le Rouvray which is close to Notre Dame Cathedral (even if it is owned by an American).  In London, I used to be able to take the Tube and hit 2 different shops in about 20 minutes from the downtown area....Creative Quilter and Stitch in Time.  Creative Quilter is still there, and is a nice little shop, but Stitch in Time which had become Tikki Patchwork has closed.  I am told that since my last trip in 2007, I can find one in  the outskirts of Milano, but not when I was there.

So why is this?  I know quilting is alive and well in Europe.  You can see the European Quilt Festival and many other quilt shows talked about in blogs and on forums.  Why are there so few quilt shops or are they all just in the countryside??

Oh well, I head back to the states tomorrow and am looking forward to the new AQS Show in Lancaster, PA this weekend.  My guild has a bus load of folks going on Saturday and I have my shopping list all made out :-).  Will you be there?

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