Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Star in Miami!

Many have followed my progress since October, when I started this piece at the Fall Quilt Escape Retreat hosted by The Country Quilter. I have many post as I worked along the way, with the first post back in November, here.

Well Raven...  I hope your Google Reader sends you an alert on this piece, but here it is finished and hung....  I know, it doesn't belong here... it has to make it's way to Miami, but I had to hang it to take a picture.
It needs to be hung properly, so that the waves continue gracefully across the 3 pieces of the tryptych.  But I really enjoy the way it looks.
Ricky Tims and Libby Lehman, a huge Thank You! for teaching me how to do the ribbons when I attended the Ricky Tims Super Seminar!  I will use this technique over and over again :-).

My friends are telling me that it shouldn't go to Miami just yet, that it needs to go to a few shows first, but we will see.....

P.S. I have started quilting my initials in my quilts...  really making me feel like an artist...uh oh :-)

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