Monday, March 30, 2009

Pictures as promised... and finally a name for the Woven Challenge

Teri... beat me up this morning for not posting pictures last night. Ok, well not literally, but you can see her comment on my post from last night. So.... here we go...

The unveiling of 'Sistah Chat'... a.k.a.: Woven Challenge....As I mentioned last night, the piece is not 100 percent finished. I have added the shawls which are actually drapped from behind the sistah's shoulders and will just be tacked down for a 3-D effect. All the quilting is done, but I need to do some more embellishments... earings, rim of the brown vase in the center, beading of their necklines, friz around the masks, etc.... Then I have to decide on how to finish. I don't want a traditional binding. I really want to do some sort of fluffy fiber boarder, although I will probably add a dark fused boarder first to wrap around the edges, so that the batting doesn't show. But that is still up in the air at this point. What do you think?

Next here are the pictures of my trapunto playing... and tonight I did two more with bamboo batting. You can definitely see the difference... oh yeah, you can see where Dancing with the Stars sort of distracted me and I snipped the fabric while cutting out the extra batting... duh....

This was done with 2 layers of cotton batting, Superior vanishing thread and then quilted with variegated Sulky thread. Not enough puff for me and the variegated thread is too overpowering.

This one was done with the same vanishing thread,
but regular weight black cotton thread and 2 layers of cotton batting. It looks better overall, but still not enough puff for me.

So tonight I tried bamboo batting. I like these results better....

This is two layers of bamboo batting and the same thread. Better, but still not great. The picture is bad, but you can definitely see the puffiness is greater.

This is 2 layers of bamboo batting, but with a lighter thread, 60 weight cotton. It looks heavier, but I ran out of scraps of black fabric, so it shows up more. I also was tired of doing an all over stipple, so I played with another quilting pattern, just quite a bit smaller than I have ever done.

I like this one the best.... You can definitely see how puffy the piece is.... but you can also see my snip throughs... oh well, it was only to play.

So, I think my batting choice for trapunto is definitely bamboo over cotton. I hear wool is also nice, but that will have to be for another night.



Mary Anne said...

Looking very cool. When I do trapunto I use blunt scissors to trim away the batting - helps minamize the cut throughs. Also, applique scissors work very well for that step of the project.

terificreations said...

Well, now I'm glad I beat you up! Look at the progress on the trapunto! I'm so impressed. Couple of people for you too look up: Harriet Hargrave and Karen McTavish just to see what they use for batting and clipping it away. I have a pair of blunt tipped scissors that I'll try to bring to our next group meeting.
So glad you tried patterns other than stippling! It looks great! I think "McTavishing" would look great on the swirl. If I can sketch something out later I'll get a picture and show you.

Marianne Bos said...

I just LOVE the woven quilt. Its been great seeing the progress you have made on it. It is a stunning quilt! I liked the trapunto and would like to give it a try. (isnt it great to just play with your fabric) I have also seen it done with a light sheer fabric on top with a bright colour underneath which is cut away with the excess batting. This gives a coloured trapunto.