Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking thru the fog...

Well, tonight I finally did it. I sat down at my trusty sewing machine after over three weeks. Yes, I had been on the road weekly for the last three weeks, with basically only one to four days home at a time... and yes, both of my children were home last week for Spring Break, so I was duly occupied.

But those are only excuses... I had time... but I couldn't bring myself to sit down at the machine.

I kept asking myself why, and last night while wasting time watching TV, I realized what it was. I LOVE my woven piece and I just wasn't up to quilting it. I was afraid I wasn't going to do the piece justice. I know I had chosen some wonderful threads... I had laid out the initial quilting pattern in my mind. But still I was apprehensive.

Well tonight... I finally broke down and began quilting it. I am happy I did. Nothing happened... it is looking just as I had pictured it. Ok... true, all I did tonight was the SID around the sun rays and some of the stone wall, BUT I quickly realized that this was not going to distract from the piece.

Now, I am excited to get the SID work done, so I can get the applique on! YES!!

Whew... has this ever happened to you? Have you made a top you just love and don't want to ruin it? I can't be alone in my thinking, am I??


aef said...

Welcome home, Renee. I'd love to see an interim picture as the quilting develops. Yes, I frequently get stalled between steps on a project. It's worse the more I love what I've done to date and am not sure the next step will be as successful. Isn't that an encouraging thought. aef

Exuberant Color said...

That happens to me all of the time. I have 3 cobblestone quilt tops unquilted because I'm sure I will ruin them.

Vivian said...

I also get that fear. I have two quilts basted that I finished at the start of this year but hesitated out of concern for the quilting.

Interestingly, one of my goals for this year was to make more "practice" quilts -- quilts that are easy to make (limited time commitment) and have no particular purpose (so they can be donated if I don't like 'em) that I can practice on to keep my confidence up for the projects "of note". The problem? Way too many "important" projects I really want to get done!

And I never would have guessed "Exuberant Color" felt that way -- I love her work!