Friday, March 6, 2009

Pelham Quiters - Round Robin #2

As I mentioned in January, Teri was redoing her boarder on the Pelham Quilter's Round Robin top she was working on. Teri said she didn't really like her applique... don't ask me why.

Well, she has definitely spiced up her work. Here is a the current top, with Teri's revamped butterflies and flowers, including a different boarder fabric. She is new to the whole fusible web thing and has decided she likes it quite a bit.

Here are a few detail shots:

The top goes to Mary Anne next for the last boarder. I can't wait to see who it turns out! Can you?

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Anonymous said...

No I can't wait to see what Mary Anne does with it. I hope I gave her enough time. I'm certainly grateful for the extra time.