Monday, March 2, 2009

Phoenix wrap-up

Teri asked me where the photo of my fabrics from Phoenix was. Well I did take a picture of them when I was home this weekend, but last night I spent most of the evening in LaGuardia Airport trying to get to Ottawa, Canada before the snow. Yes, I did make it, after flight cancellations, and stand-by lists, etc.... It is cold up here... -9 degrees C... brr.... but I missed the 10 inches of snow that DH had to shovel from both our house and my Mom's today... but I am rambling.... :-)

So, here is the picture of my fabrics, but remember I am on a fabric diet, so don't leave a message asking why no more.... these are all 2 yd pieces... 16 yds!!! I did enough damage!
I told you I was inspired by the colors of the southwest... you see the bottom fabric, the one of bowls and vases and then on top of it, one of Kokopeli... what a joyful character he is! I think the bowl/vase fabric will make a nice back for whatever I make out of these. I have some ideas inspired by The Quilter's Store in Sedona and Quiltz in Phoenix... but who knows. For now, I will just enjoy the colors.

But more importantly, I told Teri, that first I had to update my shop list on the left with the three shops from Arizona, which I did tonight. I also updated the list to show the city and state where the shops are, so you don't have to click on the link to find out. Hope that helps!


Marianne Bos said...

what yummy fabrics!!
16 yards....Is that all!
I REALLY love the fabric with the vases.
I cant wait to see what you make with all of those.
happy quilting
(happily quilting in 32deg c in Singapore)

terificreations said...

I knew it would be beautiful fabric! Thanks for posting this.

I hope you get to do some quilting this month! One little consolation for you: Pelham Quilters didn't meet last night.


Cathy said...

"Fabric diet" - now that's a new one! Can't wait to see what comes out of our southwest day in the sun - whatever you do, I know it'll always remind you of the red rocks of Sedona - come back soon!