Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first juried show!

So I mailed off two of my babies today.  In The Spotlight and A Blaze of Glory (yes finally named) were both juried into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Va.  This is a first juried show for me.  In the past, I only entered local guild shows.  Yes, I have won a couple of ribbons, but that is not the same.  To be accepted into a show with both national and internationally known quilters.  I am so excited.....  but also nervous.

Just think, I just sent my first two babies out into the world, to a show I have never even attended.  I have no idea what types of quilts are usually shown.  Plus they are walking in all alone....  without me or anyone I know there.  I sure hope someone reads this and goes to the show and tells me how they look :-).

Oh yes, I forgot, I never got around to posting pics of In The Spotlight totally finished.

So here it is...

The center dancer was in my sketch pad for over two years, waiting for me to decide how to use it.  Then a few years ago at the NJ Quilt Fest, I saw this fabric and immediately knew that he had found a home.

I appliqued him on using black thread, then added his sarong and head piece.  His wrist and ankles have been embellished with both yarn and ribbons and his wrist also have beads.

 Once he was on, I added a side and bottom boarder that is outlined with Superior Metallic thread.  Using a free motion straight stitch, I added a zigzag edging to the wiggly boarder and connected the two side boards with another shade of Superior Metallics with horizontal thread play.  I couldn't believe it took a couple of hours to do all of the metallic work!

Once together I used Superior Sew Fine and free motion quilted a 'flame' sttich radiating out from the center.  I absolutely love the effect.

This is the first wallhanging that I have completed using a wool blend felt behind the cotton batting.  I love the way it hangs.  Thanks Juanita! :-)

Well now on to the next project...  the Pelham Quilters Round Robin.  I have the second round, which is due March 7th.  I will post pics of this piece in the next week or so.



Vivian said...

Congratulations on being juried into the show! That is a big honor and I hope it will result in another ribbon to add to your quilt CV.

cgjohnston said...

It is a beautiful artistic effort Renee. Congrats on getting in to such a well regarded show. It's like the Oscars - "just being nominated is a thrill!"