Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Professional Quilt Photography Anyone?

Hi, just a quick post to see if anyone has paid to have their quilts professionally photographed?  If so, can you share with me what they charged, how they charged, was there a minimum number of quilts, or a volume discount?  Was it a pleasant experience, would you use the photographer again? Can you provide me with the name of the photographer or a website?

Any tips you can share about having quilts professionally photographed is appreciated.  I am trying to help a photographer who is looking into offering a service for quilters.


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SewCalGal said...

I have not used a professional photographer for quilts, but I do think there is a great opportunity to have photographers in various areas that specialize in this. Photographing quilts is a difficult task. Capturing the beauty of a quilt thru the lense is not easy, and there is also an opportunity to not just capture a documentation photograph of a quilt, but a good staging photograph of a quilt (e.g. for use on patterns, blogs, books, etc).