Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Man, Male, Dude, Guy, Bro.....

No, I am not one of these, but....  Man these Dudes can QUILT!

I know of Matt Sparrow from the APQS forum.  I have never met him, but any couple (his wife is a quilter as well) who have 8 kids and still find time to quilt....  well just say, my hat goes off to them.  But after reading on the forum that Matt now has a regular column in Quilters Home, I decided to find his blog.

Scrolling thru it, I read a post about a space he created to see how many 'man', 'male', 'dude', etc...  quilters he could find.  I think last count was 87, but take a look at their work here.

My or My....  These Men can Quilt!!!

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