Thursday, February 18, 2010

The juices are flowing... what about yours?

I had a great night quilting last night!  My round robin is coming along nicely.  I really like the fabrics and colors.  The design says Renee!  Can't wait to show it to you...  but that will have to wait until after 7pm on March 1st....  that's our next guild meeting.

But now that my creative mojo is back on track, I was thinking today....  was it really just being with my quilting friends on Saturday that finally got me going?  Almost 6 weeks I looked at the piece and my stash....  multiple visits to quilt shops, multiple conversations with quilting friends on ideas....  nothing.  Then, all of a sudden it clicked.  Now don't get me wrong, I am happy...  actually thrilled that it did, especially since the due date is coming up quickly and I am the organizer of the round robins for my guild.  Surely I couldn't be tardy.  But what would I have done?  Would I have just slapped some fabric on it to say it was done...  without making it mine...  without ?????  I sure hope NOT!

So with this in mind, I have one of the curious questions again...  where do you find inspiration????  how do you get unblocked, when you just can't seem to get going????  Is there a secret you can share with the rest of us??  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Renee I'm excited to see what you've accomplished on this round.
About comes from a lot of places including Linda M Pooles Color Fixes...I'm enjoying playing with these and seeing where they're going to take me. If I remember I'll bring a couple of pieces on Monday night to show you.
Color inspires me, bright lively color that get's my creative juices flowing.
Friends blogs - seeing their work and enjoying their process and occasionally being able to enter into the creative process with them as it helps me both enjoy their work and better understand my own.
The guilds and mini-groups are just fabulous.
Teaching inspires oh so many ways, reminding me of the basics and seeing newer quilters begin to understand the process. Incredible.
Deadlines inspire me to make decisions on things I've been procrastinating on...there's nothing like a good deadline.

Happy quilting!