Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have never quilted soooo small...

Ok... I made good progress tonight. The center of my black and white piece is all quilted, but boy I have never quilted so close together as I did tonight! It took me 3 hours to do the center of the piece. I do like the way the trapunto pops, but I learned one thing... only trapunto small areas.
The overall quilting looks nice.... not sure how it looks up close like this. But I did a scallop or clam shell all over the piece.
The triangle applique look like a marshmellow sticking out of the quilt!

This is a better picture of the quilting. I like it.

Tomorrow, the red stripe and then the boarders. Lastly I will have to figure out how I add the pellon and back the swirl that comes off the top right side of the quilt. This is a close-up of the area before I started quilting it. Suggestions anyone?

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Marianne Bos said...

Wow I love this quilt. The black and white with a bit of red is stunning. The quilting is a lot of work but it looks great and is soo worth the effort.

Not sure about how to back the swirl on the corner. Maybe the escape hatch method?(