Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, I finally sat down at the machine again...

Finally last night I got back to sewing... boy it seemed like a life time after my trip to California last week, then having my daughter home for Easter weekend. It was wonderful... we had a Mommy and me day on Saturday. We first went to the Mac counter at Macy's and had our faces done, then a full day of shopping. New clothes for me (I am down 35 lbs!!!!) and then a dress for her for the drama club formal at school. Later in the evening it was dinner and some jazz at a local restaurant with my daughter and DH. We found a nice spot, to as my daughter said, show off the new me :-)

Anyway, I am rambling.... But, with my fill of family, I sat down last night and did all the trapunto prep work on my black/white and red piece that I had been practicing trapunto for. Tonight, I was able to sit down and cut away all the excess batting and pin baste the piece. I am hoping I will be able to get it quilted tommorrow, then bound on Thursday.

I want to get it finished to take with me for show and tell at retreat this weekend. That's right... it is Quilt Escape Weekend again, sponsored by the Country Quilter! I can't wait... and this year they added an exta evening, so now we will sit and quilt from Friday afternoon until Monday morning... ahh sheer bliss!

Can you see the smile on my face :-)


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