Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Quilt Escape Retreat Weekend

As always the Country Quilter retreat was absolutely wonderful... or as I like to call it TOTAL BLISS! There were 50 of us this weekend and the creativity was just overwhelming.

So in honor of the creative spirits I thought I would do a series of post featuring some of the work from the weekend. Today I am going to start with Giovanna's amazing stained glass Rose Window. She was inspired by the picture of the Rose Window on a shopping bag, which she then used as inspiration as she created her own version on her computer and then transferred to fabric.

I took a series of pictures of her progress over the weekend, that I would like to share.
Giovanna used a light box to transfer her design from paper to the black background fabric. She then started fussy cutting fabric based on the color and texture she wanted in each of the sections.

This unit will eventually be made up of five different sections. Here she has three sections cut and pinned.

Giovanna has progressed now starting to add the cool blue colors to the window. She said once she has appliqued the piece, she will go back and add black leading between the five sections that make up the second round.

You can really see the circular shape taking form. At this point Giovanna has added 4 different blues. You can see the colors getting cooler as she moves out from the center.

I was finally able to get Giovanna to take a picture with her piece. She is usually camera shy, so Thank You Giovanna. We have to let folks know who designed such a magnificant piece! You also get a feel for the size of the piece with her standing in front of it. :-)

This is as far as she got over the weekend. Giovanna decided she didn't like the shape of the medallions that go in the 12/3/6/9 O'clock positions, so she stopped and will redesign them on the computer at home.

Now tell me... isn't this piece exquisite. I will post a completed picture when it is finished. I am lucky enough to be in the same guild and mini-group with Giovanna, so I will be able to see the finished product!

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