Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Project Linus StarBaby Quilt

On Saturday morning I will be joining the other local blanketeers to sew labels onto quilts donated to Project Linus at The Quilt Cottage in Mamoraneck, NY. So since I am still in the design phase of my medallion quilt, last night I decided to make a quilt to take with me and donate. Nothing fancy or special, but I hope a child somewhere gets a little bit of comfort from it.

I used an alphabet panel I had brought a few years ago and
added black & bright print fabrics from my stash. Including ones with stars to match the stars on the panel. I remember when I first brought the fabric I was going to make the Laurel Birch 'Animal Fantasy' quilt, so I made a smaller modified version, in which I included some Laurel Birch fabric.

I made the top last night and quilted it tonight. Making quilts for Project Linus always puts a smile on my face.


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