Monday, October 20, 2008

Binding on the road!

Well I am home from Orlando, Florida for work and visiting RPI and my son, for Family Weekend. I have been itching to quilt again, but at least I was able to put the binding and finishing touches on two quilts!

I finished Carnivale! while flying back and forth to Florida.
I didn't do a traditional binding, as I didn't think this quilt called for real binding. Instead I faced it, like you would do while making clothing. I attached a narrow binding like normal, then trim/graded the seam allowance and batting, leaving just one layer of the fabric. I then topstitched the binding and turned it toward the back. When garment sewing they teach you that topstitching helps the facing/binding lay flat.

If you remember, I wasn't sure the color choices would work. But even after many discussions on color theory and why the flying geese wouldn't look as if they were on top of the ribbons, I decided to make it my way.

Well I think it worked. I have another variation that I will try with more somber colors as a background, but that will have to wait until I finish the current projects on the cutting table.

Next as Bob, Raven, my mom, my sister Irene and her husband and I all drove up to Troy, NY for RPI Family Weekend to vist Robert and watch some football, I took Hugs with me. I got all the handwork done, and am ready to take it with me to Vegas next week, to give it to my friend. I hope she likes it.....
Ok, next to a christmas present for my sister-inlaw.. a small family tree showing four generations and a medallion quilt I have been itching to make since the Northern Stars Quilt Show last May.

But before I leave... here is a picture of Robert in the game this Sunday.
Robert is #68 in white/red. He is fighting off #77 in green... all 340 lbs! Unfortunately, the JV team lost to HVCC. On Saturday, the Varsity team beat Susquahanna, making them 5-0 on the season.

We had a good time albeit a little chilly... but that is football in upstate NY. OK... that's it.

Until next time.

Cheers! Renee

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Anonymous said...

Oh Renee that quilt is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished quilting on it.

Hugs looks warm and inviting as well.