Monday, September 29, 2008

Retreat Gallery

Hi everyone... as promised, here are some of the photos I took at retreat. My apologies to my gang, but unfortunately I did not get photos of our table showing off their projects since I was up front with you. :-(

This is a family tree one of the retreat ladies made for their family. Each leaf is signed by a member of the family. I wonder who gets to keep it. I love the idea!

Recognize this pattern? It has graced the pages of many of the popular quilt magazines. But I love it in pink and white. I think I am going to make it in teals and browns... what do you think? Oh yeah, mine definitely won't be KING size!

There were quite a few of this quilt at the retreat. The class had been taught this summer by the owner of the Country Quilter, Claire Oehler. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Claire, gab it, she is a great teacher. Great job Barbara!

As always large paper pieced flower quilts are stunning. I love this piece, almost as much as I loved the Poppy piece she did last year in burgandies...

Fall is upon us and this wonderful pumpkin piece is just darling. It captures the spirit of both Halloween and Thanskgiving at once. This is a commercial applique pattern, so I think many of the group will be buying it soon,

I missed the commentary on this piece, but it is a pre-printed panel that I believe was made for a young member of the family.

Hand applique is always stunning. But when we work in reproduction fabric, to me it is almost nostalgic. I love the way the flowers danced across the piece.

I took many more pictures, but I need to clean them up before I post them. Many of the quilters were a little too fast for me, so I will need to try and crop the photo so you see the quilt and not all the tables.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy pictures of our Saturday night Show and Tell!

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