Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Going on Retreat this weekend!

Can't wait! Six of my quilting friends and I are going on retreat this weekend, and I can't wait! The retreat is at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, Ct. and is sponsored by The Country Quilter. We will be joined with about 45 other quilters... what a hoot! All we do is quilt, laugh, eat and maybe a little sleep!

Can't wait... I plan to work on two pieces that I have sketched out... one is a triangle piece that sits on it's point. It has ribbons of red, yellow and green applique against a dark blue background, with two swirling flying geese pieces coming out of the bottom point. The second is a 48x48" medallion guilt that I have been playing with on paper. I had both enlarged at Kinko's today, and my fabric selection is all ready to go.

But of course tonight, I worked on a third piece that just makes my heart sing. It is a Rhapsody quilt, and if I can get it enlarged before I leave and figure out the fabric, I think I might just bring it along with me. Oh well... guess the pressure is on.

I will post pictures when I get back next week (probably during the week, as I will be on the road for work, spending my nights in a hotel... always a good time to blog :-) )


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terificreations said...

Have a great weekend, I can hardly wait to see what you get accomplished. I know show & tell will be great.