Sunday, October 24, 2010

I think I am hooked.. or should I say tickled :-)

Do you ever have the feeling that you have found something that you just have to have?  Or see something that you just want to do or try?  Well that is how I am feeling about feathers right now.  I want to put feathers in everything.

Many quilters use feathers in their quilting.  Friend and quilter Teri Lucas has her curly feathers and boy take a look at how small she makes them! 

Sally Terry has written books on her "Hooked on Feathers"  technique 

Sally Bramald has had some recent posts on her blog Feather on a Wire, that has been jaw dropping.  Talk about eye candy...  OMG!!! 

Sally and Ferret have a way of making feathers look so yummy. 

Nothing else, just feathers.

You can see why I have been adding feathers to everything lately :-).  Now I just want to finish the 3 UFO's I have going, so I can make a whole cloth feather quilt on some of the luscious Radiance fabric (by Robert Kaufman) I brought from Quilted Angel in Petaluma, Ca this spring.  Yummmmm  I even have some qorgeous YLI silk thread to use.

Have I ever done a whole cloth quilt before...NO, but who cares.  I can't wait to start sketching it out :-).

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Anonymous said...

Oh Renee! I can hardly wait to see what you do with this!!!
See you tonight!