Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, frogging is ok...

Tonight, for the first time in almost two weeks, I sat down at my machine to quilt. Boy, how I missed the mindless play. That is, until I realized that I had sewn, ripped and re-sewn the same area at least five or six time. Wait... for those of you who now me, I am not a perfectionist when it comes to free motion quilting. Yes, I like things to look nice, but why in the world was I re-quilting the same area so many times on a piece that was supposed to be a play piece to get to know what my 830 could really do? What in the world was I doing... you don't frog a play piece over and over again.

Well, I guess it was at that moment that I realized that it was ok, to use my seam ripper as just another tool in the quilting process, just like my rotary cutter is an important tool in piecing. Would I use a strip that was cut crooked? No, I would simply put the strip in my scrap pile and re-cut. So why not look at the seam ripper as just another tool that allows my quilting to be better... hmphhh... what a novel idea. At least for me :-)... Why do we look at the seam ripper and say 'Oh no, I have to un-sew or frog!' Why not say, 'wow that isn't what I wanted to do to, thank the lord for the seam ripper, so I fcan ix it.'?

Then I realized that quite a few of my quilting friends use their seam ripper over and over again..... never complaining. They just do it as a matter of fact. Is that why their free motion quilting is always just a bit better than mine... yes I said just a bit :-).... No seriously, doesn't a poet use an eraser? Duh!!!

Ok, so does this mean I have reached a plateau of maturity in my quilting?? Who knows, but one thing for sure, good thing I like buying thread!


Bethany said...

LOL. Think of it this way.. The more you rip, the more you can buy! I bought more thread on Saturday to match up the quilt I've been trying to quilt but keep ripping out the thread.

I spent most of yesterday ripping out quilting of one of my quilts. I just didn't like how it looked and started over. Only one of the 3 spools I bought worked. Now to just get over to the machine and do it.

terificreations said...

A seam ripper is a quilters best tool.


Renee said...

Bethany, I know what you mean. Well it is a good thing I tend to buy the largest spools available, as the LQS I used to buy my thread from has closed.