Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I got a chance to the highlighting on the pink ribbon sections tonight. They are coming out pretty good.

I decided that after doing the scribble (my term) that you need to outline the inner curve again so that it is smooth. But other than that I like the look.
They no longer look flat, it really does give them a feeling of being on their edge. Unfortunately, highlighting the green sections will have to wait until I order some thread, because I don't have any Madeira Rayon that is lighter and the LQS around me don't carry Madeira thread (the one that did closed in March)... ughhh.

That's ok, I will just have to work on another part of this project... like adding some satin stitch designs or something. Will have to get out the sketch pad and doodle on it for a few days :-).


Stitch-n-quilt said...

I'm really enjoying your thread painting. It's in idea that can be used in a lot of quilts that aren't to busy but need something more. I do like the 3D effect. Thank you

Elizabeth Rosenberg said...

Hi Renee! I adore your threadpainting! So cool... at first, I thought it was the collar of a sweatshirt and then I though, 'Oh, that's a good idea..." I remember filling in those Libby Lehman ribbon shapes years ago after a class with her. She is *so* cool.

Oh, and as for "simmering"... well, you know, sauces that simmer for a looooong time develop deep and intense layers of flavor. It's all good. And truth be told, I do not quilt every single day. I usually take the weekends off.

Love, E