Saturday, June 13, 2009

I forgot to mention!!!

While in Europe, I tried my best to find some Aurifil thread to bring home and play with. I have been hearing a lot about this thread on blogs and on facebook and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, the closest shop that carries it by me is 2 hours away.

Since many of the bloggers I see using Aurifil are Europeans, I decided to take a look at the shop finder on their website and find a shop by my hotels/meetings in London or Paris. There was nothing real close in London, although I called one shop listed and they were closed. But I did find two business close enough to my hotel in Paris. So while in Paris, I gave them a call, as neither seemed to be quilt or patchwork shops. The first was a clothing designer, who used Aurifil threads, but no one their spoke English so I didn't bother visiting them. The second appeared to be a craft shop from the website, and even though they didn't mention Aurifil on their site, I had the concierge give them a call. I heard him specifically ask for Aurifil thread and he was told that they carried it. So I jumped in a taxi before my meeting and off I went to the shop. Well, even though it is a nice enough shop (La Boutique Modes de Travuax) they do NOT sell Aurifil. DMC (threads and flosses) and Quiterman yes, but no Aurifil. They had no idea of what I was talking about, even though I had a picture of the Aurifil display from the company website. The confusion is the word for thread is 'fil' in French, so when they heard the concierge ask for Aurifil, they just assumed fil or thread.

You can imagine my disappointment. So while in the taxi to my meeting, I posted a comment on the Aurifil facebook group page about my adventures and disappointment. Well, by the time I came out of my meeting, there was an offer by Alex Veronelli, the Product Manager to ship me some of their thread, since I had worked so hard to try and buy some. Talk about customer service! Now I can't wait until it arrives. I will be like a kid waiting for Christmas!!!

I will make sure to post some samples of my work once the thread does show up!


Bethany said...

You can get Aurifil thread at Just buy white and see if you like it. Your store two hours away may be able to send it to you as well. I'm glad you are able to get some though!

I don't have a store anywhere close. I just order it online. One spool lasts forever.

West Michigan Quilter said...

I just used this thread today to finish a quilt and just love it. Our shop just started carrying it. I'm so lucky. Hope you find a shop by you soon.