Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alot going on....

Well, it has been a busy month. I ended May in Atlanta, then after three days home, it was off to Miami to help my oldest daughter find an apartment. Yes, my first born has graduated from college and is entering the real world of WORK. She will start her first job on July 6th in Miami. Since we have no family in Miami, we flew down and spent 2.5 days looking at 15 apartment complexes. After loosing out on her first and second choices (I quess I should have believed them, when they said 1 bdrms go fast!) we flew home last Saturday, hoping that something else would open up and it did. Sunday morning, they found out that they will have an opening June 30th! You know what they say, if it's for you, it's for you... So they performed a background and credit check on Tuesday and she passed, so the apartment is hers! (what credit???... she just graduated from college, that my husband and I payed for... I guess since she wasn't burdened with student loans and had a job offer???) I have been in my house for over 22 years, but I had no idea that with a good credit rating, you don't need a security deposit anymore... no last months rent,

Anyway, I was home from Miami all day on Sunday and flew to London on Monday, then on to Paris on Wednesday and back home yesterday, Friday. This week was all business, but as you can imagine with all that back and forth, I haven't touched my new baby at all since the 30th of May. My 830 must be getting lonely. Not to worry, I will play with her tonight after Mary Anne's QQQ.

What is a QQQ (Quinquageneration's Quilt Quest)? Well it is a celebration of her 50 1/2 birthday, celebrating 5 decades of quilting, and 5 generations of quilters in her family. It sounds like it will be a wonderful afternoon. She will have quilts she has made over the last 5 decades on display, so it will be sort of a one woman quilt show, but will also include quilts made by her grandmother, mother, daughters and granddaughter. So I quess you can call it a One Family Show :-)! If you are near New Rochelle, NY stop on in (details on her blog). The program starts at 3:30pm, but the celebration is from 1-5pm est and is open to all! Check out Mary Anne's website as well, to see all that she does in the world of quilting. She is one busy lady!

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