Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Challenge: Post #7

Well, I guess I had to make up for lost time. Teri, even responded to my post on Facebook that she was shocked I hadn't done much of anything for a week... I think she used the term "quilting withdrawal syndrome" :-).

So tonight I added a brown wicker basket to the middle of the piece and the foliage on the right hand wall. I really like how the green foliage really adds some life to the stone wall. I think it is really starting to come together.

Can you believe almost a month on this piece and not a bit of sewing. Nothing is actually sewn. Various sections are just fused and for now pinned together to form the piece.

Now what to do on the left hand side of the piece... hmphhh....


terificreations said...

I am loving how this piece is working! The two fabrics for the stone wall look great together.
Wow! I hope that the quilters withdrawal has eased.


Elizabeth said...

Renee, I LOVE this piece!!! The green fabric you added on the right is gorgeous... it makes the whole piece sing! And you've achieved a wonderful sense of depth, too. Wow, great job!!!

By the way, my friend, my move to Vermont does NOT mean that I won't be teaching anymore. In fact, I'd LOVE to come and teach at your guild again. Just name the date, and I'll be there. I have plenty of friends in the area to stay with!!!

Looking forward to seeing you and your guild friends again (or in other words, please hire me!)-- check out my blog for new workshops, or better yet, give me a call!!!

Love, Elizabeth