Friday, August 22, 2008

I had a play date with George!

I am soooo excited! Last night I went to my friends house to play with George. No, Bob (my DH) doesn't have to worry, George is the APQS longarm machine that is a sit-down model. Well, maybe Bob does have to worry... oh well, more on my DH later.

Anyway, Mary Anne got a George APQS Longarm quilter last week and baby it is SWEET! The speed, the sewing quality, the QUILTING SPACE!!! Oh my gosh, talking about going to heaven! Think about never having to scrunch your quilt up into a 5" space right of the needle! George has a full 20" space to the right of the needle and then the side curves, so the quilt just glides right up the side and gently folds over. For those of us used to machine quilting, there is really no learning curve like with most longarms. You still move the fabric, not the machine like the stand-up models and George comes with it's own table that has plenty of room for your quilt to rest on, so you aren't pulling at it. The table is something like 60" x 36"..... no more flinging the quilt over your shoulder as you sew... or putting a card table next to your sewing machine to catch your quilt.

Even Bob asked when I walked in the door gleaming... ok, so when is George arriving? But unfortunately, I still have 2 college tuitions to pay, so for at least one more year, I will have to live thru Mary Anne.... but listen to me, if you have a friend that has a George, go play!



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With a comment like that do you really have to wait? I mean...he asked! I'm just sayin'