Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's get acquainted!

I am going to post some of my quilts. They range from my early work (I started quilting in 1999) to about 2005.

This is a twin size quilt I made for my son Robert, a few years ago, when he decided he wanted a racing themed room, painted fire station RED. The back is a black and white checker fabric, like the facing flags!

A raggedy flannel quilt made for my daughter Raven, to snug up under while she reads. She even took it to picnics in high school and uses it still in college. She said of all the quilts I have made for her, it is the one all her friends try to steal! I had to make a second for my niece Janelle!

My first and probably last attempt at a hand applique project, at least one this size! I took a class with Sharon Wren at The Country Quilter in Somers, NY. Lovely shop and great teacher. I love the process, as it is great as I travel, but it took quite awhile to complete. I did echo quilting in each square using a smoke nylon thread. It really worked out very well. Sorry my photography is off, but at the time it was hanging in my upstairs hallway, and I was standing on the stairs.

This quilt was made by my Senior Girl Scout troop. The last three girls had been together since Brownies and were raising money to help offset the cost of a Cruise paid for almost entirely by years of selling Girl Scout cookies! The girls had never quilted before, but I think they did a fine job on the top. I later machine quilted it, and we raffled it amongst the troop leaders in our community.

OK, these pictures are out of order (I am just learning how to add photos to this blog)... but here are two from a class I took with Elizabeth Rosenberg at The Country Quilter. She taught a series of classes from the book 'Quilt Inspirations From Africa'. This is one of my pieces. You will see others below. The top photo is the center of the one below. I made this quilt with the intentions of keeping it for myself, but my brother-in-law kept after me to sell it to him, so I finally gave in. Alas, it was destroyed when a fire swept thru their home Christmas Eve of 2006. Of course, they lost everything, but as most quilters can imagine, after the shock set in, my thoughts went back to this quilt. Thank the Lord, they were safe and I have these pictures!

Another quilt from the series with Elizabeth.

This was the first class Elizabeth did in the series. I took it as a way to learn how to machine applique (up until this class all my quilts were tradition blocks... boy has that changed!). My mother loved it so much, I made one for her dining room wall as well. (I wish I had done that with the quilt my brother-in-law got :-)).

This is a small wall hanging made with fabrics from the Quilt Makers Gift Collection. It is quilted with free motion pinwheels and was one of my earlier quilts.


Mary Anne said...

I loved seeing your quilts. I think a few of those I missed seeing before, so especially enjoyed seeubg them.

Check out Google Reader - will notify you when someone has updated their blog.

Enjoy blogging and I look forward to seeing your updates.

Daved said...

Well done, nice and imaginative collection quilts. Look forward to see more! And welcome to the wonderful of blogging!

maggi said...

Love your quilts. It is so good to be able to have an international show and tell. Welcome to blogging - it can sometimes be quite therapeutic.