Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Markings anyone?

So I have been working on a UFO this week. It is a mixture of cotton, Radiance ( a cotton and silk blend) and Dupioni silk. While on vacation I had a vision of it all finished.

The only problem, to make the vision a reality, I have to mark the quilt top and plan out my quilting. This is new for me. First I never mark anything and second, it will have tons of starts and stops. 

Also, since before sending my machine back to Bernina for service a couple of times, I couldn't use Rainbows thread by Superior in the 830, without constant breaking.  So I decided to do a test today. 

Here is my sample.....

I am loving the Rainbow thread on the Radiance fabric. I had no breakage, no tension issues.... Nada...just turned it on, threaded it and off I went!

One hitch, now I have to mark the whole top, 6" at a time. Good thing it is only 30" x 30" :-). 


Nina Marie said...

You had me at Dupioni!! Lovely!

Norma Schlager said...

I love Rainbow thread and use it all the time. I really like what you're doing here. I like working with silk Dupioni, but have never tried Radiance. I think I will have to get some. Where do you buy it?

Renee said...

Thanks ladies!

Norma, I have brought (although never used Radiance in 2 places, one of which is Hartsdale Fabric in Hartsdale on Central Ave. The other on a trip to California. But I understand it is pretty wildly sold in quilt shops.