Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lisa Shepherd Batik Tote Workshop with the Pelham Quilters

The Pelham Quilters were very fortunate to have Lisa Shepherd of Cultured Expressions and her wonderful batik fabrics from Ghana come and join us for a Tote bag workshop.  I love working with her fabrics, because they are all one of a kind.

The ladies had a wonderful time and we all were able to finish our bags at the workshop.

Here I am with my bag all finished except for the embellishments.

Here are Cheryl, Millie and Donna with their bags.
I will have to add the picture of the entire group later.  These were pics from my cell phone taken the day of the workshop.  The next day, I took a picture of the group with their bags at guild meeting, but it is on my camera which I don't have at this time :-).

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