Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally finished - Mom's Legacy

Well, after over 11 hours of frogging and then redoing the trapunto, I was finally able to get this piece done!

Yes, I took out all the stitching around the trapunto and redid it.  I didn't like the heavier weight variegated cotton thread I had initially used.  I had planned to do all the quilting with that same thread, but didn't quite like it once the trapunto was done.  So I decided to use it just for the trapunto and ended up using a finer Sulky poly thread to quilt with.  But once all the quilting was done, the trapunto just jumped out at you and not in a good way.  So as emotionally invested as I was in this piece, the piece that kept telling me how much like my Mother I was, I knew what I had to do.  Rip it out.

And now, with the hotfix crystals added, I know it was the right thing.  Otherwise, they would have been competing with the heavier cotton thread. 
I love the texture in this piece.  I used the wool felt under the batting in this piece, just like I did with "In the Spotlight".  It gives the quilting such a deep effect.

Since I didn't add a boarder, I used black cording to pipe the wall hanging.  This brought the black from the applique out to the edges of the piece, framing it nicely.
 This isn't a  good picture, but as always, I love the paisley.  This is the second piece that I have used this applique design on.  I love all the swirls and points mixed.  If it was a better picture, you would be able to see what a nice touch the crystals add :-).
 And I think this font is perfect.  The swirls in the P go so nicely with all the swirls in the quilting and applique.

So while it seemed to take forever to make, I am quite happy.  I think my Mother would like it as well.

Love you Mom!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Renee! I can hardly wait to see it in person.


Vivian said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

This is a beautiful tribute piece Renee! It was nice to watch how you translated your feelings about your mother into the piece. The stitch work really brings out the trapunto which itself is a nice touch. Love the piped border, a great finish to it. How will you be displaying this?

Marglow said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Your quilting!!!! Wow! I love the paisley too. You are a wonderful artist- thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

Thanks everyone.

Vivian, first this piece will be included in a local gallery exhibit featuring some local quilters. Then it will do the show rounds before hanging in my house, along with a piece I made years ago as tribute to my Dad after he passed away.

Funny these are the only two pieces that have touched me this way as I worked them.

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

What beautiful and sentimental work!

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

You have been nominated for a Liebester award! Congratulations.

Kyra said...

Renee - Your work is so lovely!!!