Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You know when it just isn't right..

Tonight I spent 2 hours frogging.  That's right I ripped out last nights quilting and it took me a full 2 HOURS!  Ughh...

But, I am sure this won't be the last time.  Funny thing is, last night I stopped quilting a piece I had been working on for the last week.  I am quilting a Christmas quilt for a friend.  I was very pleased with the feathers I did in the bowtie blocks last week.  Monday night I finished the sashing.  So I thought I would sail right along last night and quilt the boarder.  Well I practiced two different designs, decided on one and quilted 1 1/2 sides.  Then, I lost my mojo.  I just didn't feel like quilting anymore.  So I listened to my senses and called it a night.

Tonight when I sat down at the machine, I knew immediately why I stopped last night.  The quilt pattern just wasn't right for the piece.  My husband looked at me with two heads when he saw all the ripping out I was doing.  But, I know in my heart it was the right thing.

So back to the drawing board tomorrow....  or should I say, back to the sketchpad to find the right design for this quilt.  My friend keeps my husband and son in baked goods.  So I definitely need to make sure it is just right :-).



Anonymous said...

when it just isn't right, ya gotta rip it out. Will we get to see this before it goes off to its new home?


Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Oh Renee I feel your pain.....but you are right~it has to come out! I really relate to having or losing your MoJo when working on quilts~ btw I will be at MQX East~I have to check my classes again so we can see if we will run into one another...they need to have a booth for bloggers!!!
♥ Eileen