Monday, December 27, 2010

Quilted iPad Sleeve anyone?

Hi, yes it has been awhile. December has been such a whirlwind. Amazingly, it has been a great month, just really BUSY!

I do have a question for my friends in blogland ---- has anyone made a quilted case for an iPad? My DH gave me one for Christmas and i want to make a case for it. So i was wondering if plan batting was stiff enough for the sleeve or if I should quilt it using Timtex or something similar. What do you think. Has anyone seen a post with hints or suggestions ???

All suggestions ae welcome!


Bethany said...

Truthfully, I love the black Apple case you buy seperately for about forty bucks. It's sturdy, easy to use and protects the iPad beautifully.

I would probably go for timtex as I like the hard case feel instead of the batting. The hard part would be the opening for the screen unless you plan to take it out when you use it. Then you could just make a pocket case.

judyjj said...

I have the same question so your post is so timely! I bought a "sleeve" for my iPad so now I need to make a pocket case for it. That represents my devotion to quilting, of course. I'll be watching for more suggestions.

Marglow said...

Google it! Its my answer to all my questions ;-). Yay for a wonderful Christmas present!

Renee said...

Bethany, Judy and Marglow... thanks for your comments. I think I have made a decision.

Although I have purchased the hard sided case that Apple sells, and I like it, since you can angle the ipad on your lap, which makes typing much easier, I really need a true case/sleeve/bag. I am sitting here looking at all the attachments. First the power cord to charge it, next the usb cord to attach it to the computer, then the MiFi router and usb cable for it, plus headphones and the cleaning cloth... whew, that is alot of stuff for such a little gizmo. I need a way to keep it all together.

So I took Marglow's, suggestion and Googled it. I found quite a few patterns, as well as 'designer' cases. Even a YouTube video with instructions. Quilters have made everything from a simple sleeve that is open to a three sided case, that closes with a zipper and has handles. You can have short pockets or long ones, quilted or un-quilted.

I think I am going to make a case taking from many of the designs I found. It will be a case with a cover or flap that closes with velcro. The flap will be the full size of the iPad, so I can make a gusseted pocket that will fit all the 'things' you need to carry for the iPad. God forbid I am traveling and can't charge my MiFi card or iPad!

So give me a few days to work out a pattern and whip it up :-) and I will post pictures.

Thanks again and Happy New Years!

Mama Pea said...

HI Renee,

I am not lucky enough to have an ipad YET, but I know there are some patterns out there. I've seen them. I have always been concerned about having something hard to protect the screen, which always steers me to buying a commercially available one. But I was thinking, you could probably put a piece of chipboard, which is a really stiff piece of cardboard between the layers of batting (maybe use a pretty thin batt) and fabric. That would give you a lot of stiffness. If you used it on both sides, you could probably even make it stand up like you suggested. I have been thinking of making a Kindle cover with chipboard inside. I think the Timtex would be better than nothing, but I would want something that would really protect against sharp objects hitting the screen.

Don't know if this helps!


Mama Pea said...

PS. I tried to reply to your comment on my blog, but the e-mail bounced back to me. Sorry!

rosa said...
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